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The EYE Conference 2024 in Luxembourg is collaboratively organized with ANEIL, a prominent association established in 1958. ANEIL stands as the exclusive representative for students specializing in engineering, natural sciences, technology, and architecture, who share a connection to Luxembourg. Boasting around 350 members, ANEIL’s reach extends predominantly to students studying in Germany and Switzerland, with additional representation in Luxembourg, Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, the Netherlands, and France. 

ANEIL’s diverse range of activities caters to the academic and professional development of its members. These activities encompass insightful visits to companies within Luxembourg and the Greater Region, fostering connections and industry exposure. Noteworthy is the yearly Round Table meeting. combined with a career fair, held on Good Friday, providing a platform for engaging conversations with representatives from significant companies in Luxembourg across various sectors. 

The association’s commitment to a vibrant student experience is reflected in its organization of exciting association trips throughout Europe. These trips not only offer valuable insights into different industries but also ensure a healthy dose of student enjoyment. Moreover, ANEIL eagerly attends the half-yearly EYE Conferences, placing additional emphasis on cultural and intellectual exchange. 

ANEIL plays a crucial role in providing study information in most Luxembourgish high schools, contributing to the dissemination of knowledge about engineering, natural sciences, technology, and architecture among prospective students, mainly acting under the banner of Let’s engineer. Additionally, the association maintains a visible presence at the “foire de l’étudiant” (student fair), further amplifying its efforts to reach and engage with students considering these fields of study. 

The collaboration between the EYE Conference 2024 and ANEIL brings together the aspirations of young engineers, scientists, and students, creating a platform for exchange, collaboration, and celebration of their collective achievements within Luxembourg’s vibrant academic and professional landscape. 

For further information about ANEIL have a look at their website! 

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