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The EYE conference 2024 in Luxembourg is getting support by the association “Ingénieurs & Scientifiques du Luxembourg”. 

The “Ingénieurs & Scientifiques du Luxembourg” serves as a unifying force for engineers, scientists, industrial professionals, architects, and representatives from diverse sectors of business and industry. Their mission encompasses several key objectives: fostering and maintaining friendly connections among members, creating a network that spans engineering, science, industry, and architecture. The association also seeks to strengthen the appreciation for and structure of the engineering and scientific professions, making their tasks and achievements more widely known to the general public and enhancing their public image. 

In addition, the association plays a crucial role in representing the engineering and scientific professions in dealings with public authorities, businesses, and the wider public. Their aim is to contribute to the economic development of the country by advocating for the interests of these professions and actively addressing the needs of the economy, particularly those of businesses. 

Furthermore, “Ingénieurs & Scientifiques du Luxembourg” actively cultivates collaborations with national, foreign, and international associations that share similar goals. Through these partnerships, they aim to enhance their collective impact and effectiveness in achieving common objectives. 

A noteworthy aspect of their mission is the commitment to inspiring and encouraging young individuals to choose careers in engineering, science, and related fields. The association focuses on nurturing the next generation of professionals who will contribute to the continued advancement of these professions. 

For further information about ingsci have a look at their website!

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